Lower back pain with miraculous herbs

Lower back pain with miraculous herbs

Lumbar back pain is a common problem that many people encounter during their life. The statistics show that 80% of people have been referred to a doctor at least once in their lifetime.

The incidence of back pain in men and women is the same; this disorder occurs at any age, but is more likely to occur between the ages of 30 and 50.

In this article, we introduce medicinal plants that have a significant effect on the improvement of back pain.


People with sciatica pain should drink 30 grams of dried chamomile flowers in a liter of water and brew it in three meals.

Kohlini (Rose Mari)

One of the best herbs that calms down the sciatica quickly is the mountain lake. For this purpose, 200 g of dry dried apricots must be powdered and mixed with honey; add a teaspoonful of this mixture daily.


The daily intake of a few dates is recommended for people with back pain; you can also combine uncurified dates with fennel, ginger and a little bit of sesame oil, then apply this mixture to the site of pain and close it.


Roast thyme foliage in sesame oil so that the water is steamed and the oil stays. Then massage your lumbar with this oil.


In ancient medicine, ginger was used to treat various types of pain. Ginger extract relieves muscle and joint pain because it contains phytochemicals that prevent inflammation.

The Black Seeds

People with low back pain should use an oatmeal or black honey blend mixed with honey for 2 months.


People with low back pain should drink a sponge of spaghetti daily 2 times a day (morning and afternoon)

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