General drugs

General drugs

Medications are medications prescribed by your doctor to help relieve your illness and recovery, or to slow down your growing disease and relieve pain. Asthma This article describes the types of medications and their use for your loved ones.

In the past, medications have become more herbaceous and, even in some cases, animal and mineral origin, and in the history of human science, chemical processes have led to the production of medications, so that in many chemical drugs, there is a synthetic type of substances in nature.

The medication gradually enters the body during treatment and it corrects the function of the damaged area and affects the structure of the living body, which either improves or slowens the growth of germs in the long run, and in the form of microbes Quarantine. It should be noted, however, that this is the case when the drug is taken from the onset of the disease to the full recovery of the physician’s mind. Otherwise, it may have an adverse effect on the body, in addition to the patient’s failure. Drugs may be found orally in the form of pills and syrups, fats such as ointments, inhalers, such as sprays such as sprays of asthmatic and injectable patients, such as ampoules, and in some diseases for immediate effect in suppositories at pharmacies.

Medications are categorized into 2 categories of authorized and unauthorized drugs, which are prescribed by the doctor based on the type of disease, and drugs that are produced from narcotics and addicted to any reason, including relief and … Category of illegal drugs. Of course, it is worth mentioning that in the treatment of certain illnesses that have a lot of pain, they are required to use a drug (sedative) at the appropriate dose under the supervision of the doctor.

The amount of medication used and the duration of treatment with the drug are documented in the prescription. When buying or using a drug, it is important to note the expiry date and the environment in which the drug is stored.

Types of medications

Herbal Medicines:

As its name implies, the origin of this drug is herbal and is found in nature. Of course, it should be prescribed by the person who is known to be herbal remedies; otherwise, it will not only improve the illness but also affect the patient.

An example of a variety of herbs are:

Willow (natural housing), yeast (constipation), grape seed (fitness), fennel (slimming), frankincense (cancer treatment), chicory sweat (useful for the liver), thyme (fissuring) and …

Mineral and Animal Medicines:

These drugs have an animal origin, such as an asshole to relieve pain, an amber smell of nasara (a female spatula) to remove environmental microbes, and in some cases to treat vaginal and hemorrhoids, wolf stools (cure pain), spider bladder (bladder bleeding ), Scorpion or scallop oil (earache treatment) and …

chemical drugs:

All drugs available to the public are produced by pharmaceutical chemists in laboratories and used in the treatment of various diseases. However, the symptoms of a type of disease are not the same in different individuals, and the drugs should be prescribed with the doctor’s opinion and diagnosis.

Types of chemical drugs:

Folic acid: Useful for the health of the nervous system.
Minoxidil: Useful for the treatment of hair loss, of course, affects Master’s use.
Gelofen, ibuprofen: Strong pain to relieve pain
Multivitamins: Vitamin supplements and minerals required by the human body. However, their arbitrary and high intake increases the body’s need for these supplements, and other consumables can not compensate for the deficiency of vitamins in the body.
Antibiotics: Antimicrobials, such as arthromycin, amoxicillin and cefixin, are among the most widely used antibiotics.

An example of the side effects of chemical drugs

The use of sedative medicines, corticosteroids and cardiac medications without prescribing physicians and arbitrarily and continuously to complete the course of treatment, in addition to the adverse effects of the drug, can damage the eye and, as a result of non-controlled intake, is likely to cause a person to cataract.

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