Governor Save: Support for pharmaceutical companies has reduced drug imports

Governor Save: Support for pharmaceutical companies has reduced drug imports

Deputy Governor and Governor of Saveh said the support of pharmaceutical companies has reduced drug use and drug use in the country.

According to ISNA, Central District, Mohammad Baharvand, during a visit to a pharmaceutical company producing public drugs, antibiotics and hormones in the industrial city of Kaveh, Saveh, said: “Reducing drug imports is a result of government protections that make our country dependent on many The drugs required by patients have been reduced.

He said: “The government’s approach is to support pharmaceutical companies and eliminate the barriers faced by these manufacturing units in order to provide for the export of intravenous drugs in addition to preventing imports and dependence abroad.”

The governor of Saveh said: “The pharmaceutical industry in Iran is an old industry, whose development depends on the necessary support, and now many pharmaceutical companies are producing drugs that are in accordance with global standards.”

Referring to the activities of the pharmaceutical company in the production of generic drugs, antibiotics and hormone, he stated: “The company has been able to manufacture medicines in the form of knowledgeable companies, employing a competent and capable person that is in accordance with international standards and a good market. Find your product.

According to ISNA, the director of Alborz Balk Pharmaceutical Company said: “The pharmacy complex has been established on a land with an area of ​​20,000 square meters since 1382 and is producing various drugs, antibiotics and hormones in various phases.

Dr. Hussein Attar, referring to the employment of 87 people directly and indirectly in this pharmacy, said: “In the event of granting 20 billion USD of credit facilities, in addition to increasing production capacity and creating employment, and preparation for the production of raw materials, many of the required drugs and We will even have imported drugs, which will lead to a reduction in the cost of medicine to Iran.

During the visit, the governor of Saveh closely examined the issues and problems of this production unit and took the necessary measures to remove the development barriers of this production unit.

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