Alborz Bulk Pharmaceutical Company founded in 2001, is one of the biggest producers of APIs in Iran. The main goal of the company is to act as manufacturing arm of the companies in Alborz Investment Group for API supplies. The company pursues its activity using experienced and skilled personnel with acceptable standards which compete with the foreign rivals. Alborz Bulk Pharmaceutical Co. is subsidiary of Alborz Investment group.

The goal of Alborz Bulk Raw Materials Company (public joinr stock) is to provide optimal services to customers using modern managerial methods, organizationals principles and the modern technologies, with reliance on efficient personnel, by creating competitive advantages, continuous improvement of quality, and management of costs. The company alms to become one of three top companies in the field of production of pharmaceutical raw materials in iran. 
Alborz Bulk Company produces effective pharmaceutical materials using its skilled and experienced personnel while keeping up with the latest technologies, in due compliance with environmental principles and safety issues according to international standards. The mission of the company is to create value for its customers and promote quality in line with organizational excellence. 
1.جلب ، افزایش و ماندگاری رضایت مشتریان از طریق شناسایی و پاسخگویی نیازهای آنان با رعایت الزامات قانونی
2. ارتقاء کیفی محصولات و خدمات با اعمال روشهای بهبود مستمر و مدلهای تعالی سازمانی
3. روزآمد شدن دانش و تکنولوژی برای تولید محصولات و خدمات متناسب با روند رشد و تغییرات بازار دارویی منطقه و کشور
4. کمک به رفع وابستگی و تقلیل واردات کشور در حوزه مواد اولیه دارویی



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