quality control unit


The quality control unit has been operational since the beginning of the company’s research and production activities. This unit is the laboratory of the Department of Laboratory Affairs of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the company’s Quality Control Unit has four distinct laboratory spaces as follows:

Instrumentation lab, physicochemical control, microbial control, and quality control research, which are fitted to the equipment in line with the tests performed in each of the laboratories.

Mission and vision

Considering the new and largely non-pharmacological pharmaceutical products of Tafiq Drug Co. as well as samples of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and other companies, the mission of the company’s Quality Control Research Group is to develop, design, implement and validate new methods and comply with international standards for Product analysis is considered.

The achievements of the quality control unit

Obtaining acroviature of the Ministry of Health in 2010 regarding control of food and cosmetic-sanitary materials

Extended Acrohite Control of Food and Cosmetic – Health Products for 1395

Acquired by the Ministry of Health in 2014 on pharmaceutical raw material control

Extended acrovatic control of pharmaceutical raw materials for 1395

Increasing the range of acrotia to standard material control for the year 1395 (working standard)

Services available:

Performing various microbial tests including the determination of a small amount of endotoxin using a chromogenic kit, performing sterility tests, etc., performing device tests using potentiometric and polarimetric, amino acid analyzer, FTIR, TLC-Scanner, Karl Fisher (KF), atomic absorption (Atomic Absorption) ), HPLC equipped with PDA, RI, UV and fluorescence detectors, GC and GM-MS